Michael Mullins


Michael Mullins is a local musician, bandleader, singer, songwriter and performer seen with his band “Zita” and the national touring act “Bonerama” and he could not be more eager to make his theater debut at Cutting Edge for TOMMY The Who! Michael is a Sophomore at Loyola University New Orleans, where he pursues the study of Music Performance & Business, but prior to college, he exercised his craft at Louisiana’s high school arts conservatory (NOCCA). Michael would like to thank one of his dearest friends, Miles Hamauei for considering him to take on the role of the preacher, and truly helping ignite his passion for this different way of taking the stage. He would also like to thank Alex Richier and Brian Fontenot for their hard work, help, and coordination, for Michael wouldn’t rather have started his acting career through any other theater, group of directors, or cast of great people to make this riveting show the gem it has proven to be. He sends his love and endearment to all who have made this possible!