Marquita Smooth-Sanders


Marquita Smooth-Sanders was born in the small town of Waynesboro,Ms. She moved to Slidell,LA in 2014, just a year before she married the love of her life, Kevin Sanders. In 2017, she made her first appearance on stage as Black Mary in the well known stage play, Gem of the Ocean. She became apart of Cutting Edge Family in 2018 as “Nettie” in the dynamic stage play; The Color Purple. Since then, she has made appearances on the cutting edge stage as one of The Supremes-from Diana Ross & the Supremes, as Etta James in the show DIVAS LIVE, & now as one of The Ray-lettes in the Ray Charles tribute. Marquita is extremely grateful to be working with some of the most gifted people. She’s also grateful to Mr. Brian & Cutting Edge Theater for another great opportunity to share on the theater stage once again.