Teresa “Ms. Tee” Augustine

Teresa “Ms. Tee” Augustine is what you would call a well-seasoned actor. She is a woman of many talents. Teresa got her start in the womb listening to the music in the juke joints and honky tonks. Before she could talk good she would sing the words. She sang her first song in church at the age of three. Teresa has been singing, acting and playing musical instruments for many years. She has been on many stages, hundreds of roles, in film and commercials over her lifetime; from the original Popeye’s Fried Chicken singer, to Mae West, to Calpurnia to Big Mama Thornton just to name a few. She is once again elated and thankful to Brian & Richard for giving her the opportunity to grace the Cutting Edge stage with such a talented cast. Most of all Teresa gives God ALL the glory for EVERYTHING for she knows she would not be here without a higher power. Gratitude is given to her N.L.M. Augie, her family, the Birthday ladies, her friends and loyal fans for being the support she needs to keep the song in her heart that emits from her mouth to your ears. Ms. Tee wants all of you to tap your feet, sit back and enjoy the show because we gon’ make you laugh, shout, clap, cry, pray, cuss, jook and have a good ole’ time.