Brandon Conerly

Brandon Conerly I am a 36 year old born and raised in this great City of New Orleans Louisiana. I have and will always be in love with the stage at the early age of 6 years old was when I noticed and develop my passion for singing. Coming up in the Baptist Church you either was a singer or you became a Usher and because I love to be in front of everyone and be the center of attention I chose to sing. One of my very first songs I sang in the church was” Precious Lord Take My Hand”. I was quite shy in the beginning as I continue to lead various songs with my church youth choir. As I went on to middle school and high school where I joined the choir and had a very strong tenor voice little did I know. In middle school I enrolled in gifted and talented where I started to see that I also love acting as well one of my first roles was in The King and I stage play where I play the role of the Krawlerhome the Kings best man. I gave such a star stunning performance that I later on went on to high school and join the acting company called Act 1 I performed in various plays such as damn Yankee ,Generation X and The Wizard of Oz. I gain my strength and develop my voice even more. For a number of years I put down my love for the stage because I thought my life was too busy for it. But in 2017 one of my co-workers convince me to audition for a stage play called Sweet Willie’s Cotton Club where I was casted for the role as Sam 2017and Iwas Casted on the Stage Play Gods Tears On my Window Panes as Pastor John. My life is similar to the stage a platform of entertainment a platform of talent a platform of the best that I can give I know that as I continue to pursue my career and theater and Performing Arts that I will go far. My Heart is the Stage..My Heart Is The Music!!..